Fun with Making Artisan Bread

Artisan bread has been highly prized for its natural taste and the organic, pure way in which it is made. The basic ingredients in artisan bread include water, yeast, flour, and salt. Milk is sometimes used to replace water, and oil is added for softer bread texture. Other rarer ingredients such as various types of cheeses are added to give the bread a specific desired flavor. Compared to normal breads, artisan breads are thought to be more flavorful due to the natural ingredients used in their creation. However, they also do have a shorter shelf life due to the lack of preservatives, and therefore should be consumed within days after purchase.

There are many varieties of artisan breads available for puchase; you have French bread, fococcia, deli rye and more. One of the secrets of artisan bread is the way it is prepared and baked. Artisan bread is handmade; you may use a mixer for the kneading process but the rest, like shaping or dividing the dough, must be done by hand. Artisan breads are not made in conventional ovens but are baked on a stone, which helps to give it that delicious crispy crust everyone loves. Artisan breads have been used to make pizzas, submarine sandwiches, croissants and Italian loafs stuffed with cheeses, olives, and Italian herbs. Another example of delicious Artisan bread is the fabulous chocolate bread, filled with chocolate chips and cocoa.

Even if you do not have local bakers locally to supply you with freshl

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